Empowering Communities to Prosper with Sustainable Solar Solutions

Fund essential educational and community initiatives with solar-generated savings.

  • Reduce energy costs

  • Secure long-term, predictable electricity rates

  • Lower carbon emissions

  • Demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility

  • Improve public and community relations

  • Bring clean energy education to the classroom

Harness the benefits of solar energy without the need for upfront capital investment.


No Upfront Cost, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Generate clean energy for your institution, without the upfront cost and hassle. Solar Landscape finances, builds, owns, operates and maintains a solar installation on your rooftop, and power is sold at a discount under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


Community Solar

Community solar projects allow energy to be generated at one location and consumed by surrounding businesses, institutions and households. Solar Landscape works with public and private commercial real estate owners to lease rooftop space to host community solar projects, and sells discounted utility bill credits to subscribers

Host a solar array:

Transform underutilized land and brownfields into a source of local clean energy by hosting a community solar array. Solar Landscape will develop, finance, own and operate the system and sell the power to benefit your organization and surrounding community members.

Subscribe to a solar project

Schools, municipalities and other public institutions can subscribe to a local community solar array and receive discounted utility bill credits to match their electricity demand and support sustainability initiatives.


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How Asbury Park Schools brought savings to their district and clean energy education to their students.

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Our Partners Say It Best

With 200+ MW of projects under operation and the largest portfolio of rooftop community solar projects in the US, we’re not just experienced – we're trusted.

  • The financial savings created by these solar panels empower our schools to fund other critical parts of our educational curriculum. Plus, using renewable solar energy demonstrates to our students and community exactly how we can all fight climate change together.

    Asbury Park School District Dr. RaShawn M. Adams, Superintendent of Schools
  • By using solar energy, we’re now making good use of an untapped asset: our buildings’ roofs. Now, we can be even better stewards of our financial resources and lead our students by example in the fight against climate change.

    Montville Township Public Schools, Business Administrator, Katine Slunt
  • Energy conservation is not only something to teach, it’s what the JEC practices. Working with Solar Landscape has enabled us to provide hands on lessons that demonstrate the latest technologies to our students.

    Jewish Educational Center, Steve Karp, Executive Director

Being a good partner to our local community – especially students and educators – is a driving force behind our mission to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.


Shaun Keegan

CEO and Co-Founder

with us