Jewish Educational Center Now Powering Two Schools with Solar Power

The Jewish Educational Center’s 800 students will be learning under lights powered by rooftop solar energy systems at their two locations.Combined, the systems total nearly 560 kilowatts, which have been generating enough electricity to meet as much as 75 percent of the JEC’s energy demand at the location on 330 Elmora and 55 percent at the location on 35 North. The JEC has served Elizabeth, New Jersey, and surrounding communities for nearly 80 years, providing Torah and Secular education to students from Nursery through 12th grade.

“Energy conservation is not only something to teach, it’s what the JEC practices.  Working with Solar Landscape has enabled us to provide hands on lessons that demonstrate the latest technologies to our students,” said Steve Karp, JEC Executive Director.

By powering their facilities with solar energy, the JEC is expected to offset 500 metric tons of carbon emissions from conventional energy production each year, which is the same amount emitted from driving 1,200,000 miles. JEC is contributing to creating a cleaner environment for the younger generation in its community.

Solar Landscape developed, designed, installed and owns and will operate the system. JEC will purchase the power produced by the system from Solar Landscape at a price lower than the utility charges through a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement.

JEC also took advantage of a state energy efficiency upgrade program, which Solar Landscape helped them coordinate participating in, to install new LED lights and an HVAC units. By making these upgrades prior to installing solar, JEC reduced its energy consumption, thus maximizing the environmental and economic benefits received from solar.

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