Solar Landscape Customers Have Now Saved More Than $1 Million in Energy Costs

In Advance of “National Cut Your Energy Costs Day” Solar Landscape Announces That More Than 10,000 Community Solar Subscribers Save an Average of Almost $250 Each Year

Asbury Park, NJ – January 8, 2024 – Together, Solar Landscape’s 10,000-plus community solar subscribers have saved more than $1 million off their energy costs, an average of $247 per household. Today’s announcement comes ahead of “National Cut Your Energy Costs Day” tomorrow, January 10.

In Solar Landscape’s innovative model, community solar customers get the benefits of solar energy without putting solar panels on their property, even if they rent their home, live in an apartment or condominium, or don’t have the financial resources to invest in solar.
Solar Landscape enrollees save 15 to 20 percent off the cost of energy generated by community solar. Low- and moderate-income (LMI) subscribers often save even more. Subscriptions do not have long-term contracts or sign-up or cancellation fees.
Enrollment opportunities are still available in some areas. To enroll or join a waiting list for upcoming projects, visit

Making Solar Affordable and Accessible

Solar Landscape has pioneered the model of generating solar energy on commercial rooftops for community solar. According to November 2023 data from nonprofit Groundswell, Solar Landscape is now the nation’s leading community solar provider to lower-income households.

These households bear a disproportionately high energy burden, defined as the percentage of gross household income spent on energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy burdens are three times higher for low-income households than for non-low-income counterparts.

“With the recent legislation affirming the state’s commitment to making solar accessible to everyone, we believe that community solar will become a critical component for energy savings for low- to moderate-income families in New Jersey,” said Channell Wilkins, CEO of O.C.E.A.N. Inc. “Soon, with consolidated billing, the billing process will be even easier, reducing one more barrier to clean energy access and cost reduction for low-income residents.”

For residents living in affordable housing or working toward home ownership, reducing energy costs is an important step forward.

“Every dollar residents save by enrolling in community solar can be used for other necessities,” said Affordable Housing Alliance CEO Randi Moore. “The success and growth of this program will advance energy equity throughout New Jersey and create tangible benefits for our residents.”

Profiles in Solar Savings

Janet Baldwin, Retiree, Avon-By-The-Sea

Living in a home with a roof that would not be a fit for solar panels, Janet was excited to get the benefits of solar energy without the panels. “I see cost savings every month and that is especially helpful as I am retired and on a fixed income.”

Luis Acosta, Teacher, Perth Amboy

Luis’ decision to enroll in community solar was recently published in As a teacher, Luis has long talked to his students about the importance of reducing their reducing carbon footprint, so the environmental benefits plus savings were compelling for him and his family.

Mattie Montalvo, Musician and Working Mom, Hoboken

As a single mom and new grandmother, Mattie keeps a close eye on her budget. “It has helped me save money in the summer months when I have to run the air conditioner to keep my home cool,” she says. “I also find it extremely rewarding because I am doing my part to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Solar Landscape’s Community Solar Footprint Across the Country

Solar Landscape has proven that community solar is the nation’s most shovel-ready clean energy option. It has completed more than 50 rooftop community solar installations with hundreds more approved and in the pipeline.

“The sun is here for everyone, and we should all be able to benefit from the cost savings of solar energy,” said Ann Marie Toss, Executive Vice President for Community Solar at Solar Landscape. “In just two years, we’ve gone from completing construction on our first community solar project to serving 10,000 subscribers with a million dollars in savings. We look forward to creating even more savings for thousands of community solar subscribers very soon. These projects have become a model for the rest of the country in how to create equitable access to, and deliver the real-world benefits of, clean energy through community solar.”

The savings milestone follows other recent advances for community solar and Solar Landscape. In August, Public Storage, the nation’s leading self-storage owner, and Solar Landscape announced a multistate community solar partnership for 130 rooftop projects that will serve more than 10,000 households in New Jersey, Maryland and Illinois. Later, the U.S. Department of Energy recognized global logistics real estate leader Prologis and Solar Landscape with the 2023 Sunny Award Grand Prize for Equitable Community Solar.

About Solar Landscape

Solar Landscape is the leading commercial and industrial rooftop solar developer in the U.S. with experience in both community solar and behind-the-meter solar projects. The company employs 160 people and has built over 250 megawatts of solar energy projects. As the nation’s leading provider of community solar to lower-income households, Solar Landscape is on a mission to make energy affordable and accessible to everyone under the sun. For more about Solar Landscape, visit

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