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Community solar makes going solar easy and risk-free, without putting panels on your home.

The price of solar has come down 90% in 10 years, and new climate laws encourage everyone to use solar, even if you rent your home or live in a multi-family home.

Zero carbon

Zero carbon

100% solar energy means joining the fight against climate change.

Lower cost

Lower cost

Where available, community solar is backed by new laws and means no up-front costs and you can cancel any time.



Solar panels are installed on nearby commercial building rooftops, right in your community.

What Our
Customers Say

When I first heard about community solar, I thought it was too good to be true. I'm making a difference by reducing our carbon footprint. And the savings are an extra bonus!


Health Specialist

I was interested in using solar energy, but I live in a condominium building and I assumed I couldn't use it. Today, I encourage all of my neighbors to look into community solar as a way to fight climate change.



I've told my friends that their electricity bill will go down. And it also helps the environment.


Preschool Teacher


Have a question? Read on, or reach out!

What is community solar?

Community solar is a voluntary, state-approved, green energy program that allows homeowners and renters to receive a portion of their power from a solar project located near their community. Customers receive the benefits of solar energy without the hassle of panel installation or maintenance costs. There is no need to buy any special equipment or install any panels on your roof. ENROLL NOW!

Do I need to own a home to participate?

No. Customers do not have to own a home to join a community solar program because there are no panels to install on your property. The program is available to both renters and homeowners. ENROLL NOW!

How do I enroll in a Solar Landscape community solar project?

The online enrollment process is simple and straightforward. You’ll provide your name, address, and utility account information, which is used to verify the account and determine your annual energy usage. You’ll then set up your online billing, and will be assigned to a current or soon-to-be energized community solar project. If there are no projects in your area, we inform you when one becomes available. When the project is energized, the solar energy credits will begin to appear on your account and lower your monthly cost. ENROLL NOW!

Does my participation help the environment?

Yes. By participating in community solar, customers are helping shift away from a dependence on fossil fuels, and are preventing harmful CO² emissions from entering the atmosphere. ENROLL NOW!

How do I save money with community solar?

The electricity credited to your utility account from the community solar project is provided to you at a guaranteed discount every month. Your monthly savings is stated clearly on your bill. ENROLL NOW!

How does billing work with community solar?

Your bill will ensure that you have full transparency of your energy usage, solar credits applied to your account, and monthly cost savings. If you have any questions about your billing, you may call member services. Those contact numbers are available when you enroll. ENROLL NOW!

When will my bill reflect the community solar discount?

Typically, it will take one to three billing cycles after your project is energized to begin receiving solar credits on your bill. You will be informed when your project is energized. ENROLL NOW!

Are there any additional costs?

No. There is no cost to sign up or cancel, and no cost to participate in the program. ENROLL NOW!

Do I keep my current utility provider?

Yes. You continue to be a customer of your utility provider as you always have been (even if you participate in third-party energy). By subscribing to community solar, you have simply chosen to participate in the green energy project that is now being offered for your community. ENROLL NOW!

Is the electricity provided to my home the same way it always has been?

Yes. Nothing changes. The energy provided by community solar is supplied to your home or apartment by the same wires and poles that make up the utilities’ electric grid. ENROLL NOW!

Can I cancel my community solar subscription at any time?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription any time without charge by calling the phone number on your community solar bill. You will be responsible for paying for any solar electricity you have already been provided and will once again begin receiving your electricity as you previously had from your utility provider. If you decide to re-apply and your local community solar project is no longer accepting subscriptions, you will be placed on the waiting list until a space is available. ENROLL NOW!

Who is Arcadia and how are they involved with the community solar process?

Arcadia is the billing agent for some Solar Landscape community solar projects. Through this partnership, Solar Landscape installs and manages the community solar projects while Arcadia connects eligible customers to the clean solar electricity and manages a seamless billing process. ENROLL NOW!

If I move to a different address, will I be able to remain in the program?

Perhaps. Your community solar service can be moved to a new address as long as there is a Solar Landscape community solar project servicing your new community. ENROLL NOW!

Why do I have to provide a credit card, debit card, or ACH payment method to enroll?

In order to pass along the best subscriber savings, automatic billing is required. It is secure and confidential. ENROLL NOW!

Does Solar Landscape perform a credit check to enroll?

No. There are no credit checks necessary to enroll in the program. ENROLL NOW!

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

You may contact us via email at ENROLL NOW!

Get guaranteed energy bill discounts.
Sign up for a solar project in your community
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Select your provider: