Solar Landscape Hires 10-Year Industry Veteran as Director of Operations

May 21, 2020

John Malanga joins Solar Landscape from California-based OnSwitch where he was Director of Energy Solutions, bringing diverse experience in commercial solar engineering, development, finance, sales and analytics.


Solar Landscape sought John Malanga as its new Director of Operations to support the organization’s growth by streamlining operations and interactions between different parts of the company, from marketing and sales to engineering,construction, and asset ownership. His short-term priority will be evaluating tools and solutions to establish more efficient and scalable processes across departments.  He will leverage his experience in engineering, project development, and project execution to integrate software solutions and other business systems to improve data quality and make information more accessible within the organization.


“I’m thrilled to join the Solar Landscape team, a group of smart, reputable and good-natured people, and as a New Jersey-native, to switch coasts and focus on the strong New Jersey solar market,” said John Malanga, Solar Landscape’s new director of operations. “Joining a vertically-integrated solar company that uniquely own sand operates the projects it develops and installs offers me the opportunity to apply my skill set to help the different pieces of this organization grow together. Solar Landscape’s long-term view and established reputation will help in bringing more solar to New Jersey communities, which is something I’m passionate about.”


John earned his master’s in Engineering Management from Dartmouth College & Thayer School of Engineering in 2009. Since then he has pursued a career in the energy space, starting as an engineering consultant working for the New Jersey Clean Energy program. He has worked specifically in solar development for the past five years, developing commercial solar projects and incorporating emerging technologies such as floating solar and energy storage.


“Energy is one of the most important components of our society; It enables safety, comfort, and quality of life for all of us,” said Malanga. “Our economy, well being, and the health of our planet are very dependent on energy. In order to ensure our quality of life exists for future generations we need to shift to renewable electricity generation as quickly as possible. I find it very fulfilling to be part of an organization that is developing sustainable solutions that are both necessary and beneficial to all.” 


Solar Landscape has grown its team by more than 30 percent over the past 12 months in response to serving New Jersey’s growing community and commercial solar market.



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